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The Therapeutic Process

The decision to enter therapy can bring up many feelings. I hope the following information helps make the process easier to navigate.​


The first meeting we have will be an initial evaluation. This can last up to 90 minutes. It will consist of filling out paperwork, gathering insurance information, and most importantly it will involve getting to know each other. This may take more than one session. After this evaluation we can share if we both feel this would be a good fit and schedule a consistent time to meet.  If it is decided it is not a good fit I will provide you with the appropriate referrals.  


Once we enter into a therapeutic relationship, sessions are typically weekly or biweekly. These sessions are 45  minutes or 60 minutes. My approach to therapy is a collaborative one. A trusting and safe relationship with your therapist is a key aspect of successful therapy. Providing a safe place for you to work through problems is my first and foremost goal in our work together. I utilize evidence- based interventions that are grounded in research to help you decrease distressing symptoms and increase positive experiences.  This might include working through problematic relational patterns, past painful events, and/or irrational and troubling thoughts which lead to unwanted negative feelings in your daily life. The therapeutic process can be complex, but we will come up with goals to help you achieve positive changes. We will review these goals regularly to assess if the interventions are beneficial.  

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